Cannabidiol is from the hemp plant.  It is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis and is legal in all 50 states.  We have cannabinoid receptors on every cell of our body.  The only other place that CBD appears is in mothers milk.  You receive anti-inflammatory factors, it stimulates hunger as well as improves the immune system.  We believe as we grow and live in a modern day environment with a less than perfect diet, exposure to toxins, or maybe one didn't get the chance to breast feed, you may end up will have a deficit to begin with.  Offering the body CBD allows it to return back to the alignment that was originally intended.

We have suspended our CBD in coconut oil as CBD is fat soluble and find this to be the most effective delivery method.  Fat alerts the body to secrete bile, which comes in as a transport vehicle, whisking it away to the gut, and thus the blood stream.  We suggest giving either right before a meal, or with a meal, instead of immediately following.  A lot of people also like putting the dose on a biscuit or a pet's favorite treat.  We've found the amount that every pet needs varies and suggest starting with 2-3 drops per 10 pounds.  You can wait 30-60 minutes to see if the desired result has been achieved and then continue with this protocol until you are satisfied.  You can then dose every 4-12 hours, dependent on the severity of the issue your pet is experiencing.  We suggest consulting with a holistic veterinarian on specific health issues.

Our CBD to THC ratio is 50:1, some of the highest in the industry, which is why pets are experiencing such quick results.   Our CBD is organic, non-GMO and grown in Germany.  It is extracted using super critical C02.  It is considered to be at the forefront of safe (i.e. no hexane or ethanol!) cannabis extraction as it allows for the highest terpene content.